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Daughter of a second generation custom stair builder, I was exposed to entrepreneurship in a fine art industry early, and I went on to earn a degree in Graphic Design. I realized I could turn my passion for the fine art of letterpress printing into a business that exposes and educates future generations how to combine contemporary art with traditional techniques. Restoring my father's barn, creating a warm learning environment in our tiny community, will welcome all to see/try something new. The FedEx Grant would immediately allow studio lane to begin restoring the barn, starting with junk removal. We would be able to fix and replace insulation, broken windows, leaks, siding, and make sure all electrical is up to code. We also need to install a plumbing system and bathrooms. This would allow the business to grow exponentially. The FedEx business services would elevate our current marketing and greatly improve our shipping operation allowing us to focus on the more important things.