Hey Y'all! I’m a small town Vermont artist, calligrapher and designer in search of a life full of travel. As a child, my time was divided between Connecticut during the school year with Mom; and holidays and summers in Vermont with Dad (unless he brought us to Cape Cod to hang out with our awesome family, or we were running around on the beaches of South Carolina). When deciding on my plans post high school, I wanted nothing more than to go to my Father's Alma Mater, The University of South Carolina. So, in 2005, I packed my bags and headed down to Columbia, SC. After graduation I spent an amazing 3 years living in Charleston, SC (eventually returning to Columbia for 4 more years). I was working as the Assistant Coordinator + Graphic Designer at The City Gallery at Waterfront Park, owned by the City of Charleston and operated by the City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs. Charleston changed my life. I was introduced to the most influential people. They opened my eyes to the behind-the-scenes world of working artists. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am now had I not experienced that, and lived in such a beautiful world surrounded by such genuine creators and their craft.

After working for someone else for close to a decade, I decided it was time to pack my bags again, head home to Vermont and put every penny I had into starting my own small business, Studio Lane Ltd. Co. This is truly my dream come true, and it's only the beginning. 

Setting the environment for the best day of your life should live up to your long-awaited dream. I love small details, and collect inspiration everywhere I go. I'm a romantic. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than the stories of your meet cute. Allow me to provide you with chic paper goods unique to your style, so when you reflect on your special day, your heart will skip a beat and those butterflies will start to flutter all over again. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



what is the significance?



There’s a magical place at the end of Studio Lane that sits on the Silvermine River. 

Our Dutchie would greet us on cold winter days with cocoa to rid us of a shiver.

 Art was created, and memories made in her studio just down the stairs.

In her lap we would sit, for hours and hours, there was absolutely no need for chairs.

My fondest childhood memories lay in that beautiful house where I learned creativity was not just a hobby. From calligraphy to decoupage, we were always creating and our hands were never clean. My days spent with my grandma will always be the best days of my life. She was the first person to teach me the importance of art and how it can transform ordinary spaces into a world of imagination and color.



one photograph at a time