Thanks to pinterest, lifestyle blogs, youtube tutorials and the DIY network, everyone is a DIY queen these days. But, certain items for your big day should be left to the professionals.


Weddings get expensive so quickly, and everyone is on the search for ways to cut down on certain costs, especially paper products. Spending hours scouring Etsy and other websites that offer basic templated, fill-in-the-blank designs, only to be less than impressed with the quality when they arrive. This is the first impression sent to your guests, giving them a glimpse into your big day. 

When budgeting, you should typically account 7-10% of your budget towards wedding stationery. So, if your total wedding budget is $15K, you should budget around $1,000-$1,500 for stationery. Your paper goods should be considered an investment. You'll show them to your grandchildren one day. They look beautiful framed. They are a huge reminder of the happiest day of your life.

So, what do professionals have that you, your bridesmaids, your mom, or your mother-in-law don't?


The quality of your invitations is so much more important than you initially. I have heard so many brides complain about the quality of the paper when they receive their final printed order from the Etsy shop they found that looked so cute in pictures — but didn't get a sample from, or the big-box online stores that let you customize your name and date, or the companies that claim they're a small business and have a dedicated designer specifically for you, but they really just reuse old designs from templates. I know, there are so many things to consider to ensure the quality of your invitations, but professional stationers know the market and every single product that is available to you, and even better — they can create things that have never been done before. Since they work closely with paper suppliers and printers, they are able to stay on budget and guarantee your invitations are made from quality paper, printed with the proper technique, using the correct color palette and ensuring your envelopes are the right color and size.


If you want unique wedding stationery that will make an impression with your guests, you need someone with experience. There are many things that go into making custom invitations; fonts, graphics, custom calligraphy, color palettes, wording etiquette, design software, working with a printer, choosing the right paper, etc. Professional designers have the understanding, skills and the expertise to do all these things for you, and they will provide the best options based on your budget and timeline.


Planning a wedding isn't easy. It requires a lot of your time. As a bride, you have a ton on your to-do list. DIYing your stationery can turn into an extremely difficult, time-consuming, money-pit. You see a wide range of prices, and decide there can't be too much of a difference, so you go for the less-expensive choice. Well, what initially looks great plugged into your budget suddenly starts incurring more and more fees, and way more of your time than you had anticipated. Stationers will work with your budget and ensure you're saving in all the right places.

Hiring a custom stationery designer doesn't sound cheap, especially when you are trying to stick to a budget, but DIYing your paper goods is usually not the best idea. Hire a stationer and save time, money, ultimate disappointment and the headaches.  

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